Aquaculture Innovation Competition

Aquafest X Hatch – Aquaculture Innovation Competition 2021

Aquaculture Innovation Competition (AIC) is designed as a digital Start-Up competition in the field of aquaculture so that it is expected to attract the interest of the younger generation.

💡The Main Theme
“Student Innovation in Creating Aquaculture Start-Up in 4.0 Era.”

A. Aquaculture Technology
B. Aquaculture Marketplace
C. Aquaculture Funding and Business

💡Applicant Prerequisites

  1. Participants are active students (bachelor and diploma) and fresh graduates (1
  2. Participants are in the form of a team consisting of a minimum of 2 people and
    a maximum of 3 people with 1 person as team leader

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BRI 676501021860532 a.n Melania Dyah Ayu Pratiwi (+002 For International Transactions)
Jenius 90014354694 a.n Armelia Ferial Santigi

Further Information
📞Putri Utami (081338804959)
📞Mayang (085750363372)